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Thread: any thoughts on Roland V drums vs. Yamaha electrics?

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    any thoughts on Roland V drums vs. Yamaha electrics?

    I've only had experience with the Rolands. Curious how the Yamaha stuff stacks up (comparing comparable sets in their offerings) to the V drums? I'm not the best drummer by any stretch, but that never stopped me yet... I've got my eye toward a new electric set comiing up!

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    I have the DTXplorer kit. It sounds ok and works nice but I do have a major issue with it.

    There is only a MIDI OUT and no MIDI IN - which means you can record the midi data into your computer but can't play it back. Also, you can not change the note assignment from the pad - so if the bass drum in the Yamaha kit is C3 and a VI running something like Oceanway, etc... sees C3 as a snare it doesn't work. Also, Oceanway has no way to change note value (nor does EZ Drummer) - the NI stuff (Abbey Road, etc...) does.

    Also - in the little brain there is no way to remap this so it's a real pain.

    If you just want them to play at home they are cool. I think if I did it again I would go for one that has the Alesis DM series module because that would get around the problem.

    Aside from that they're really nice, easy to use, have a metronome and built in line in (for ipod or cd player) and don't take up much room.

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    Re: any thoughts on Roland V drums vs. Yamaha electrics?

    The drummer in our band uses Roland V drums. Alone they sound good. Run them in stereo through a good PA going through Radial DI boxes and they really come alive. A lot of guys knock electronic kits but these sound great! Always in tune, no overwhelming stage volume, and they sound so good live the way we run them. It's also nice that we can do in ear monitor band practice completely silent. The loudest noise in the house is the singer belting out lyrics through no PA. Recording is so cool as you can run midi and mix and match tones as you see fit. It's a great way to go for many reasons. Probably does not answer your question, but just my 2 cents worth.

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