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  1. Acoustic Soundboard: Humidity—Friend and Foe
  2. GFI System Releases the Specular Reverb V3 and Clockwork Delay V3
  3. Will Ray's Bottom Feeder: JSW Cutaway Guitar
  4. Riff Rundown: The Toadies' "Possum Kingdom"
  5. Shin-ei Announces the B1G 1 Gain Booster
  6. Fishman Unveils Updated Loudbox Mini
  7. Walrus Audio Launches the Fathom Multi-Function Reverb
  8. Ormsby Guitars Releases the Scarab
  9. Last Call: Hired Gunning
  10. Obsessive Progressive: Periphery
  11. Felix Martin: Double Trouble
  12. Ibanez Launches the Nu Tube Screamer
  13. Fano Guitars Announces Launch of Standard Series JM4-FB Bass
  14. Epiphone Releases Limited-Edition Slash Signature Models
  15. Martin Guitar Releases the D-45 John Mayer Custom Signature Edition and Updates Standard Series
  16. Staff Picks: Delay or Reverb?
  17. Mattoverse Electronics Releases the TetraStep MkII
  18. Mooer Unveils Three New Micro Preamps
  19. API TranZformer LX Review
  20. LR Baggs Unveils the Align Series
  21. Song Premiere: Michael Landau’s “One Tear Away”
  22. First Look: EarthQuaker Devices Westwood
  23. Rig Rundown: Bully
  24. Road Dog: Second Hand Stories
  25. PRS Introduces the 2018 SE Acoustic Series
  26. Boss Unveils the Katana-Air Amp
  27. EarthQuaker Devices Announces the Westwood Translucent Drive Manipulator
  28. Lollar Announces Release of dB Humbucker Pickup
  29. Friedman Amplification Unveils the BE-50 Deluxe
  30. Quintessential Rock Rigs by Decade
  31. EvenMidi Launches Updated H9 MIDI Controller
  32. Tuning Up: My Rigs by Decade
  33. Mojotone Releases the HSS Quiet Coil Pickguard
  34. Boss MD-500 Review
  35. Aguilar Amplification Announces the SL 212 Bass Cabinet
  36. Massive Unity Unveils the 1964
  37. The Recording Guitarist: DIY Mastering Tools
  38. Tube Amp Doctor Releases the TAD RT001-BPD
  39. Quick Hit: Vox Adio Air BS
  40. Ditch the Pick: Exploring the Tone in Your Hands
  41. Levy's Leathers Launches the Utopia Magnolia and Lawless Guitar Straps
  42. Synergy Amps Unveils the SYN-1 Single Module Tube Preamp
  43. The Environmentally Conscious Guitarist
  44. Tools for the Task: ABY Boxes
  45. Mooer Audio Introduces the Pitch Step and Audiofile
  46. Phil X and LAA Custom Release the FJOD
  47. G&L Doheny Review
  48. Ask Amp Man: Positively Negative Feedback
  49. Guild Unveils 2018 Models
  50. Caparison Guitars Announces the Apple Horn 8 EF
  51. Rig Rundown: Power Trip
  52. Quick Hit: SoundBrut DrVa
  53. Carstens Amplification Announces the Black Flag
  54. Pat Martino: A Beautiful Mind
  55. State of the Stomp: How’d You Hear About Them?
  56. ValveTrain Thunder/Train Review
  57. Top 10 Rig Rundowns of 2017
  58. Jol Dantzig's Esoterica Electrica: Zero Sum Meets Boutique Building
  59. Digging Deeper: Jimmy Bryant
  60. PG Editors’ Best Music of 2017
  61. Cort Introduces the B6 Plus AS Bass
  62. Hercules Releases the GS414B Plus and the GSP38WB Plus
  63. EarthQuaker Devices Data Corrupter Review
  64. Quick Hit: MXR Booster Mini
  65. Tone Tips: You Have Everything You Need
  66. D'Addario Launches New Accessories for 2018
  67. Rig Rundown: Periphery [2017]
  68. PG Giveaways: Bare Knuckle Pickups Ragnarok Humbucker Set
  69. Wizard of Odd: 1960s Zerosette JG SAD 2
  70. Chelsea Wolfe: Like a Ghost Over a Battlefield
  71. Mod Garage: Reverse-engineering a Generic 4-Conductor Humbucker
  72. Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe Review
  73. Speaker Geeks: Got a New Speaker? Show It Some Love
  74. Reader Guitar of the Month: Tel-Xploder
  75. 10 Sneaky Slide Licks
  76. Epiphone Les Paul SL Review
  77. Bass Bench: Digital Denial
  78. Joe Satriani: “Don’t Even Think About It!”
  79. Quick Hit: Epigaze Audio Civic Crown
  80. Rig Rundown: Animals as Leaders [2017]
  81. PG Giveaways: Fishman Fluence Signature Series Tosin Abasi Pickup Set
  82. Warwick Releases Red Strings for 8-String Basses
  83. Schuyler Dean Guitars Unveils the Skyliner L Stereo Model
  84. Road Dog: The Ins and Outs of Sitting In
  85. Tube Amp Doctor Releases the Class-A Converter
  86. Caparison Unveils the Michael J. Romeo Signature Model
  87. Seymour Duncan Introduces the Dave Mustaine Signature Thrash Factor Pickup
  88. Bruce Cockburn: Just Wait and See
  89. Rocket Surgeon Boris Review
  90. Revv Amps Announces the Generator 100P
  91. Gig Report: Simon & Patrick “PRO”
  92. Warwick RockBass Corvette Basic 8 Review
  93. Jensen Speakers Introduces the Jet Raptor
  94. Acoustic Soundboard: Nut Job
  95. On Bass: The Lowdown Society
  96. Gary Clark Jr.’s Modern Mojo
  97. RockBoard Releases Pedalboard Range for 2018
  98. Carl Martin Unveils the DC Drive
  99. PG Giveaways: MOD Duo
  100. Death By Audio Releases the Absolute Destruction
  101. Martin D-28 (2017) Review
  102. Trash or Treasure: Johnson Marquis JM120 Stereo
  103. Land Devices Unveils the HP-2
  104. Victor Wooten: Speak Your Voice
  105. Vintage Vault: 1950 Gibson ES-300
  106. J Rockett Audio Designs Introduces the Animal Overdrive
  107. Rig Rundown: mewithoutYou
  108. Last Call: Here, Now, or Nowhere
  109. Schertler Introduces the ROY Acoustic Combo
  110. Listen to the January 2018 PG Spotify Playlist
  111. Electro-Harmonix Reissues the Op-Amp Big Muff Pi
  112. Vertex Effects Unveils the T Drive
  113. Mod Garage: Dan Armstrong’s “Super-Strat” Wiring
  114. Song Premiere: Tinsley Ellis’ “Sound of a Broken Man”
  115. CruzTools Announces Updated GrooveTech Guitar/Bass Multi-Tool
  116. Xotic Releases the Andy Timmons BB Preamp
  117. First Look: Dogmatek Arctic Wolf Twin Modulator
  118. Wizard of Odd: 1964 Supro Dual Tone
  119. Tone Tips: Guitar in the Social-Media Era
  120. Obsessive Progressive: Rush’s Alex Lifeson
  121. McSwain Guitars Debuts Fear and Loathing Model
  122. Staff Picks: Best Live Guitar 2017
  123. Speaker Geeks: Strange Brew
  124. Quick Hit: Traveler Guitar LTD EC-1
  125. Mike Stern: Spirit Is Everything
  126. Fredric Effects Unveils the BugCrusher
  127. Quick Hit: RJM Mastermind LT
  128. Cort Introduces the Earth50 Acoustic Guitar
  129. Rig Rundown: Mutoid Man's Stephen Brodsky
  130. Acorn Amps Announces the Elevenuator
  131. Tools for the Task: Micro Amps
  132. Xotic Releases the XJPRO-1 5-String ProVintage Series Bass
  133. Dunlop Announces the Way Huge Drive
  134. What Bohlinger Plays: Behind-the-Slide Blues
  135. One Control Introduces the Honey Bee Overdrive
  136. Traveler Guitar Upgrades the Pro Series
  137. Hannah Wicklund & the Steppin Stones: "Ghost" Song Premiere
  138. Acoustic Soundboard: Honey, I Shrunk the Guitar
  139. Gretsch G6609TFM Players Edition Broadkaster Review
  140. State of the Stomp: The Future—Younger, More Female, or Else!
  141. The Shred Decoder’s Guide to Sweep Picking
  142. Free the Tone Unveils Programmable Analog 10-Band EQ
  143. Willcox Guitars Releases the 2018 Saber Bass
  144. Old Blood Noise Endeavors Fault Review
  145. Bass Bench: Power to the Bass Peeps!
  146. What’s in a Neck?
  147. Mid-Fi Electronics Magick i Review
  148. Ibanez and Thundercat Launch the TCB1006 6-String Bass
  149. Rig Rundown: Gogol Bordello’s Boris Pelekh
  150. Pigtronix Launches Trio of New Micro Pedals
  151. Seagull Guitars Revamps the Entourage Series
  152. Road Dog: Road Food
  153. ZenZero Introduces the Habu
  154. Radiohead’s Ed O’Brien: Hail to the Texturalist
  155. GHS Introduces Pressurewound Bronze Bass Strings
  156. Ola Englund Launches Solar Guitars
  157. Quick Hit: Baroni Lab Mini Amp 50 Review
  158. Seymour Duncan and Joe Bonamassa Team Up to Create the Amos Pickup Set
  159. First Look: Dr. Z Amplification Z-PLUS
  160. KHDK Abyss Review
  161. Ask Amp Man: Add Some Marshall Grit to a Fender Bassman
  162. Tuning Up: Bullsh*t Soundscapists vs. True-Blue Bloozmeisters
  163. The Art of Repetition: A Guide to Pedal Points and Ostinatos
  164. RainSong CH-WS Review
  165. The Recording Guitarist: 'Sgt. Pepper’s' Lonely Solo Button
  166. Bootsy Collins: Bass from Outer Space
  167. Pettyjohn Electronics Unleashes the Filter
  168. YMMV
  169. Reverend Guitars, Daredevil Pedals, and Souldier Straps Collaborate on the Ron Asheton Legacy Fun Pack
  170. The Pigtronix Mothership 2 has Landed
  171. Wooly Coats Spanky MkII Review
  172. Rig Rundown: Guns N' Roses
  173. Massive FX Pedals Unveils the DallasDevilsPlay "Krampus" Limited-Edition Holiday Pedal
  174. Keeley Electronics Drops the Omni Reverb
  175. Denny Gerard Company Presents the StickItStand
  176. Epiphone Presents the Limited Edition Joe Bonamassa 1958 "Amos" Korina Flying-V Outfit
  177. Southampton Pedals Introduces the Utility Knife
  178. Vintage Vault: 1955 Gretsch 6131 Jet Firebird
  179. Malcolm Young: 1953–2017
  180. Samantha Fish: From Cowtown to Coldwater
  181. Fender Releases the JMJ Road Worn Mustang Bass
  182. Taurus Updates Stomp-Head Line with the Classic and High-Gain Models
  183. Sublime Guitars Releases the Tomcat Deluxe
  184. Dunable Guitars Announces the JM Bass
  185. PG Giveaways: TKL Cases
  186. Serek Midwestern 2 Review
  187. Neunaber Audio Effects Releases the Inspire Tri-Chorus Plus
  188. Seymour Duncan Introduces La Super Rica
  189. OD Guitars Unveils the Cybele
  190. First Look: JHS Spring Tank Reverb
  191. Old Blood Noise Endeavors Presents the Excess
  192. Seagull Guitars Overhauls the Maritime SWS Line
  193. KHDK Introduces the Ghoul Jr. Overdrive
  194. Reader Guitar of the Month: Warmoth Partscaster Revival
  195. Jol Dantzig's Esoterica Electrica: The Tone Inside Your Head
  196. Quick Hit: Mayones Hydra Elite
  197. Shake It Off! Everything You Need to Know About Vibrato
  198. Mystery Stocking 2017: Coming December 1. Get on the list to find out the exact time it's available!
  199. Grez Guitars Mendocino Review
  200. Acoustic Amplification Introduces the B410C 4x10 Cab
  201. Mad Hatter Guitar Products Unveils the Super Shredder Humbucker
  202. On Bass: Pedal Power
  203. Wampler Pedals Announces the Tumnus Deluxe
  204. G&H Plugs Introduces GreyBLES: Expressions Cables
  205. Rock N' Roll Relics Debuts the Jet Model
  206. American Spirit: Peter K. Siegel
  207. Walrus Audio ARP-87 Review
  208. Rig Rundown: Moon Taxi
  209. Listen to the December 2017 PG Spotify Playlist
  210. Yamaha Guitars Introduces the APX600 and CPX600
  211. Collings Guitars Unveils the I-30 LC
  212. Will Ray’s Bottom Feeder: Jay Turser JT-SM Hollowbody Jazz Guitar
  213. PG Giveaways: Alvarez AG70CEAR
  214. Last Call: How Songs Happen
  215. Fender Announces the EOB Sustainer Stratocaster
  216. Bass Bench: Pondering the Cabinet Conundrum
  217. Quick Hit: Radial Tonebone Texas Pro
  218. First Look: Electro-Harmonix Green Russian Big Muff Pi
  219. Wampler Pedals Introduces the Paisley Drive Deluxe
  220. PRS Introduces the Custom 24-08
  221. Death from Above’s Jesse Keeler: Like an Ant Looking at the Moon Through a Cloud
  222. Tools for the Task: Volume Pedals
  223. How to Handle Harmonics
  224. Staff Picks: Single-Coils or Humbuckers?
  225. DR.Z Amplification Releases the Z-PLUS 1x12 Combo
  226. Prestige Announces the The Prestige Troubadour RS
  227. Bag End Announces the Nebula S15-N Cabinet
  228. Levy’s Leathers Introduces the Onyx Strap
  229. Mod Garage: May the Phase Be with You
  230. Sublime Guitars Releases the Chieftain Deluxe
  231. Bloodclot’s Todd Youth and Nick Oliveri
  232. PedalSnake Introduces 24V Adapters for Strymon Power Supplies
  233. Fender ’64 Custom Deluxe Reverb Review
  234. Dogmatek Releases the Arctic Wolf Twin Modulator
  235. Rig Rundown: Primus' Larry LaLonde [2017]
  236. Tuning Up: Fingertip Trips & the Rule of the Thumb
  237. PRS Unveils 2018 SE Series
  238. Mission Engineering Announces the 529 USB Power Converter
  239. Hughes & Kettner Era 1 Review
  240. Railhammer Announces the Reeves Gabrels Signature Pickup
  241. PG Giveaways: Keeley Electronics Super Mod Workstation & Bubble Tron
  242. Dedalo Fx Presents the ALU9 Aliaser
  243. The Year in Gear 2017
  244. Nunomo Releases the Grain
  245. Quick Hit: SviSound Techno-FA
  246. First Look: G&L Doheny
  247. Tone Tips: Effecting the Future
  248. Trash or Treasure: Gibson B-25N
  249. Sound Clips: 1994 Simon & Patrick “Pro”
  250. Obsessive Progressive: How to “Borrow” Chords