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  1. Reverend Guitars Announces the 20th Anniversary Mercalli Bass
  2. Last Call: Sound Like You
  3. D’Angelico Guitars Releases the Bob Weir Signature Model
  4. Kemper Releases Free Michael Britt Rig Pack
  5. Hand Habits’ Meg Duffy: Guitar Poetry
  6. Studious Moseley Review
  7. Joyo Unveils the Ironloop
  8. Nashville Guitar Community Presents Tribute to Twang
  9. Cory Branan Live at PG
  10. TWA Releases the DM-02 Dynamorph Harmonic Generator
  11. Rivet Pickups Introduces the ‘63 and ‘64
  12. Framus Announces Legacy Acoustics
  13. Valerie June: In Full Bloom
  14. Tone Tips: The Two-Way Street of Endorsements
  15. Positive Grid Announces the BIAS Delay Pedal
  16. Quick Hit: Crazy Tube Circuits Planet B
  17. The Space Between: A Bassist’s Guide to Note Length
  18. Music Nomad Announces the Octopus
  19. MXR Phase 95 Review
  20. Floyd Rose Launches the Rail Tail Tremolo
  21. Warwick Announces the Custom Shop Masterbuilt Sklar Bass
  22. Speaker Geeks: The Secret Life of Guitar Speakers
  23. Positive Grid BIAS Rack Review
  24. PRS Guitars Announces Availability of 57/08 Pickups
  25. BluGuitar Releases the BluBox Virtual Speaker Collection
  26. Reader Guitar of the Month: Dream Double-Neck
  27. Rig Rundown: Deafheaven
  28. Fender Custom Shop Releases Bob Bain “Son of the Gun” Telecaster
  29. Introducing the Magnetic Cling On Tuner
  30. The Recording Guitarist: Let’s Ape Tape!
  31. Dr. No and Troy Van Leeuwen Collaborate to Create the Raven
  32. Nexi Industries Introduces Wah Pedal
  33. Axes & Artifacts - 1961 Gibson Birdland and 1963 Fender Princeton
  34. D’Addario Accessories Launches Pedal Tuner
  35. PG Giveaways: G&H Solderless Cable Kit
  36. Chase Bliss Audio Releases the Brothers
  37. De La Tierra’s Andreas Kisser
  38. Chuck Berry: 1926–2017
  39. Henretta Engineering Introduces the H-Bomb Trembrato
  40. Quick Hit: Ovation Applause Elite AE44II-VV
  41. Rainger FX Releases the Deep Space Pulsar
  42. On Bass: Humanity, Schmutz, and Intentional Imperfection
  43. Wah Wah Wah…
  44. Tools for the Task: Gold Foil Pickups
  45. Keith Urban’s Country-Rock Wizardry
  46. Suhr Introduces the Select Series
  47. 6 for Swapping: 8" Speaker Review Roundup
  48. Ask Amp Man: Reducing the Bass on a Fender DeVille
  49. Martin D-16E Review
  50. IK Multimedia Introduces Fulltone Guitar & Bass Effects Collection for AmpliTube
  51. Staff Picks: More Please!
  52. BSM Announces the Supreme
  53. Jennings Guitars Unveils the Voyager
  54. Listen to the April 2017 PG Spotify Playlist
  55. Rig Rundown: Tedeschi Trucks Band
  56. Michael Chapman: Humble, Schooled, and Fearless on 50
  57. This Old Man Will KICK YOUR ASS!!!
  58. PG Giveaways: Dunlop Echoplex® and Derek Trucks Signature Slides
  59. Grindstone Audio Solutions Debuts Nightshade Overdrive and Reveal Boost Pedals
  60. Phil Jones Bass Session 77 Review
  61. Cort and Manson Guitar Works Unveil Classic TC Guitar
  62. Acoustic Soundboard: Impactful New Regulations for Tonewoods
  63. Ty Segall and Emmett Kelly: No-Filter Frenzy
  64. Tuning Up: Diagnosis Positive—We’re All Lunatics and D-Bags
  65. Quick Hit: G7th UltraLight Capo
  66. Three Sides to Solo Guitar
  67. HeadRush Electronics Announces Brand-New Pedalboard
  68. Line 6 Spider V 120 Review
  69. PRS Guitars Unveils Reclaimed Wood Models
  70. Dwarfcraft Devices Releases the Super Wizard
  71. Mod Garage: Get a Grip on Pickup Phase
  72. Otis Taylor: Music for Ghosts
  73. Esoterica Electrica: For What It’s Worth
  74. Pettyjohn Electronics Introduces the PreDrive Studio
  75. Rig Rundown: Jimmy Eat World
  76. EarthQuaker Devices Space Spiral Review
  77. PG Giveaways: Rio Grande Pickups Charlie Christian Telecaster Set
  78. State of the Stomp: Endorse This!
  79. Walrus Audio Unveils the Warhorn
  80. First Look: Taylor Academy Series 10e
  81. Framus Introduces the Blank and Television Models
  82. Eric Gales: 'Middle of the Road' Full Album Premiere
  83. Fender American Professional Stratocaster Review
  84. The Lemon Twigs: Hey Bro—That’s MY Guitar!
  85. Vintage Vault: 1964 Gibson Thunderbird Bass
  86. Beyond Blues: The Allman Brothers Band
  87. Lehle Rolls Out the Mono Volume 90 and Stereo Volume Pedals
  88. Carl Martin Announces the Red Repeat 2016 Edition
  89. Mastro Valvola Pedals Debuts the Millibar MKII Optical Compressor
  90. BSM Releases the Spice Box
  91. Darkglass Electronics Microtubes 900 Review
  92. Bass Bench: Can You Hear the Difference Between Different Neck Joints?
  93. STS9’s Hunter Brown and Alana Rocklin: The Head and the Heart
  94. Seymour Duncan Introduces the Mark Holcomb Alpha & Omega Signature Pickups
  95. Pedals You Never Get Tired Of…
  96. Inspiration for the Day
  97. PureSalem Guitars Unveils Mendiola
  98. Waits Instruments Releases Opik 001 Nick Fed Signature Model
  99. Trash or Treasure: Ibanez Studio Series ST 50
  100. Rig Rundown: Bon Jovi
  101. BC Audio JMX 100 Review
  102. Robin Nolan: Manouche Mashup
  103. Last Call: Compound Interest
  104. Tyson Tone Lab Unveils the Precious and Grace Pickups
  105. Greenchild G777 Overdrive
  106. Quick Hit: Nexi Industries ’70s Distortion
  107. Is There a Viable Alternative to Rosewood?
  108. Julian Lage & Chris Eldridge Livestream
  109. Mitchell Unveils the 120 Series of Acoustic Guitars
  110. Tone Tips: A Mini-Board is Born
  111. Staff Picks: The Big Show
  112. Guthrie Govan’s 'Erotic Cakes'
  113. NAMM '17 - Traveler Guitar Traveler Acoustic CL 3EQ and Travelcaster Deluxe Demos
  114. NAMM '17 - MTD Lynn Keller Signature 5-String and Bubby Lewis Signature 6-String Demos
  115. NAMM '17 - Engl Marty Friedman 100W Inferno Demo
  116. Joe Gore Gross Review
  117. NAMM '17 - LunaStone Pedals TrueOverDrive 1 Demo
  118. Ask Amp Man: Beware the Clean Ones!
  119. NAMM '17 - Eventide PitchFuzz Demo
  120. NAMM '17 - Fodera Monarch-P Classic, Emperor-J Classic, Emperor Guitar, and Imperial Demos
  121. NAMM '17 - EBS The Drive, Black Haze, and Drive Me Crazy Demos
  122. The (Surprisingly Long) History of the Guitar Pick
  123. Quick Hit: BAE Hot Fuzz
  124. NAMM '17 - Falbo Guitars New Models and Options
  125. Dr. No Releases the Turd Fuzz
  126. J. Rockett Audio Designs Introduces the Steve Stevens Rockaway Archer
  127. Rig Rundown: Margaret Glaspy
  128. NAMM '17 - Wampler Pedals Dracarys Distortion and Ethereal Delay/Reverb Demos
  129. NAMM '17 - Hagstrom Guitars Three Kings Super Swede and Viking Deluxe LTD Demos
  130. Dr. No Releases the Troy Van Leeuwen Octavia
  131. NAMM '17 - Ovation USA Glen Campbell Balladeer and Exotic Series Elite Plus Demos
  132. NAMM '17 - Michael Kelly Guitars 507 7-String Demo
  133. Acoustic Soundboard: A Master Builder’s Tips for Choosing the Right Pickup
  134. Ernie Ball Music Man Announces 30th Anniversary StingRay5 Bass
  135. NAMM '17 - Joe Gore Pedal Debuts and Demos
  136. Electro-Harmonix Introduces the Synth9
  137. NAMM '17 - Deep Trip Pedals Muff-A-Saur and Stormy Monday Demos
  138. Larry Coryell 1943-2017
  139. RightOn! Straps Expands Line
  140. NAMM '17 - ISP Technologies Michael Sweet Signature Theta Pro DSP Demo
  141. Luke Temple: Psych-Folk Songster
  142. Tuning Up: Dr. Strange Love in the 6-String Abstract
  143. NAMM '17 - Death By Audio Evil Filter and Micro Dream Delay Demos
  144. Quick Hit: Rock Stock Skyline Reverb
  145. The Recording Guitarist: A Study In Stereo Miking
  146. NAMM '17 - Fishman Fluence Tosin Abasi, Killswitch Engage, and Willie Adler Signature Pickup Demos
  147. NAMM '17 - Classic Audio Effects Stump House, Transponder, and Yukon Demos
  148. Tools for the Task: Buffers
  149. NAMM '17 - Spector Kenmare EU Demo
  150. Dear 6-String Sensei: Please Demystify the Modes of the Major Scale
  151. NAMM '17 - Blackstar ID:Core Stereo 20 V2 Demo
  152. D’Addario Releases the Rich Robinson Signature Slide, Humidipak Restore Kit, and Titanium Bridge Pins
  153. DigiTech Whammy Ricochet Review
  154. NAMM '17 - Seymour Duncan Andromeda Delay and Power Stage 170 Demos
  155. NAMM '17 - Cole Clark Little Lady Demo
  156. Mod Garage: The Super-Flexible, Super-Simple Telecaster Wiring
  157. NAMM '17 - Hamer Guitars Standard Demo
  158. Normandy Guitars Unveils the Aluminum Superhawk
  159. Oozing Wound’s Zack Weil and Kevin Cribbin: Organic Offense
  160. NAMM '17 - Jensen Stealth Series Speaker Demos
  161. NAMM '17 - Boss Acoustic Singer Pro Demo
  162. Listen to the March 2017 PG Spotify Playlist
  163. Rig Rundown: Warpaint
  164. Seymour Duncan Announces the Duality Line
  165. TWA Releases the Hot Saké Overdrive
  166. Jol Dantzig's Esoterica Electrica: Hugs, Counsel, and Confronting Blind Spots
  167. NAMM '17 - Kz Guitar Works Kz One Standard Demo
  168. D’Angelico Guitars Partners with D’Addario to Release Electrozinc Strings
  169. NAMM '17 - Mu-FX Micro-Tron III and Phasor 2X Demos
  170. SoundBrut Introduces the DrVa Overdrive and Boost
  171. The Common Sense Guide for Buying ALL Gear
  172. New Gear: M-Audio M-Track 2X2M
  173. Quality Gear Matters
  174. Three Must-Have Effects Pedals for Acoustic Guitar
  175. Unsung Guitar Hero: Eric Rachmany of Rebelution
  176. I Like Shiny Things…
  177. Gear I Want To Get
  178. Sheesh! Stop Complaining! Nothing Is Perfect!
  179. Roland JC 40 or Fender Ultra Chorus
  180. That Feeling You Get When Gear Breaks Down…
  181. Gig Report: TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb
  182. Where Do I Put My Volume Pedal?
  183. The Lowly Capo: A TOOL of the Trade
  184. James Taylor: Making “Cents” Out of Tuning
  185. To Attenuate Or Not To Attenuate?
  186. The More I See This Guy…
  187. I’ll Be Damned… James Taylor’s Tuning Works!
  188. Gear: Markers Along a Journey
  189. Fighting with it… Working for It…
  190. Happy 10th Anniversary to GuitarGear.org
  191. NAMM '17 - Burns Guitars Bison Ultrasound Demo
  192. Nordstrand Pickups Introduces the 2b+ Preamp
  193. NAMM '17 - DiPinto Guitars Galaxie 4 Demo
  194. NAMM '17 - Chase Bliss Audio Brothers Demo
  195. Joyo Audio Unveils the Jambuddy
  196. Aziza’s Dave Holland and Lionel Loueke: Magic and Inspiration
  197. How to Use a Capo
  198. NAMM '17 - Electro Harmonix Operation Overlord, Blurst, Wailer Wah, and Mig-50 Demos
  199. Bullhead Matador Review
  200. NAMM '17 - Mayones Hydra and Custom 35th Anniversary Model Demos
  201. Reader Guitar of the Month: Jim Mouradian-Built Frankenstrat
  202. NAMM '17 - Port City Amplification Soulstice Demo
  203. NAMM '17 - Atomic AmpliFire 12 and AmpliFireBox Demos
  204. First Look: Mooer Ocean Machine
  205. Dunable Guitars Introduces the Cyclops
  206. Electro-Harmonix Introduces the Canyon Delay & Looper
  207. D’Angelico Premier SS Review
  208. Steve Vai and Carvin Audio Announce the Legacy Drive VLD1
  209. NAMM '17 - Relish Guitars Phantom Jane Demo
  210. On Bass: Stick to Your Resolutions
  211. NAMM '17 - Fender Paramount and Classic Design Demos
  212. NEXI Industries Introduces the Dutch Screamer
  213. PG Giveaways: Fender Mustang
  214. NAMM '17 - T-Rex Effects SoulMate Acoustic Demo | Binson Echorec
  215. Ernie Ball Music Man Updates StingRay and Cutlass Models
  216. All-Star Pedalboards 2017
  217. NAMM '17 - Jam Pedals Ripply Fall Demo
  218. PRS Sonzera 50 Review
  219. NAMM '17 - Amptweaker Pressurizer Demo
  220. NAMM '17 - Asher Guitars Vintage Series T Deluxe and Lap Steel Demos
  221. Charvel Releases the USA Select Series
  222. Fuzzrocious Feed Me Review
  223. Forgotten Heroes: Sonny Sharrock’ s Footprints on the Moon
  224. Supro 1305 Drive Review
  225. Hungry Robot The Wash Review
  226. Quilter Amplification Announces the Bass Block 800
  227. State of the Stomp: Say “Yes” to New Sounds
  228. Nunomo Limbo Overdrive Review
  229. The Many Sides of John Mayer
  230. Walrus Audio Julia Review
  231. Reverend Guitars Announces the Sensei HB LE
  232. Friedman Amplification Unveils the BE-OD
  233. Watch Suicide Squad Online Free
  234. Watch Mechanic Resurrection Full Movie Online (2016) Free
  235. Mod Garage: Strat-PRS Crossover Wiring
  236. Stranglehold: Kvelertak’s Maciek Ofstad and Bjarte Lund Rolland
  237. Last Call: The Ballad of Mandolin Mike
  238. Rig Rundown: Deerhoof
  239. Balaguer Guitars Introduces the Semi-Custom Series
  240. Schecter Diamond Series Michael Anthony Signature Bass Review
  241. Dean Zelinsky Guitars Announces the Paisley Dellatera
  242. Practice Pals: A 5-Amp Review Roundup
  243. Acoustic Soundboard: Measuring and Adjusting Your Guitar’s Action
  244. Putlocker @! Don't Breathe (2016) Movie Online Free
  245. Source Audio Nemesis Delay Review
  246. Cog Effects Launches Line Of Analog Octave Pedals
  247. Tim Reede Guitars Introduces the Mercury
  248. Staff Picks: Monster Bassists
  249. Quick Hit: Wampler Mini Ego Compressor
  250. Cram Session: Two-Hand Tapping