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  1. Dear 6-String Sensei: How Do I Get Started with Improvisation?
  2. Keeley Electronics Announces the Rotten Apple, Mesmer Astral Delay, and Oxblood Germanium
  3. TC Electronic Releases the Hall of Fame 2 Reverb
  4. Gallery: Shaky Knees 2017
  5. Armored Amplification Unveils the Little Devil
  6. Havok’s David Sanchez and Reece Scruggs: Guardians of the Riff
  7. Rhys Chatham: Harmonic Convergence
  8. Prestige NYS Deluxe MC Review
  9. Rig Rundown: Royal Thunder
  10. Teye Guitars Announces the Fox
  11. NEXI Industries Unveils the Metal Distortion
  12. Will Ray's Bottom Feeder: Jay Turser JT-1423
  13. PG Giveaways: RJM Music Mastermind PBC
  14. Bass Bench: Yo! Another Universal Guide to Great Bass Tone
  15. Providence Releases the Bass FX Console BFX-1
  16. Listen to the June 2017 PG Spotify Playlist
  17. What Bohlinger Plays: Double-Stop Bends
  18. Quilter Labs Announces the OverDrive 200
  19. Fender American Professional Jazz Bass Review
  20. First Look: EarthQuaker Devices
  21. Acoustic Soundboard: Mutate and Conquer—How the Guitar Survives
  22. Twang 101: Nashville Studio Tricks
  23. Reader Guitar of the Month: Gilded Tobacco Burst Les Paul
  24. Fender Issues Statement on Use of Rosewood
  25. CAST Engineering Releases the Mike Zito Peace Drive
  26. Quick Hit: TWA Hot Saké
  27. On Bass: Deconstructing a Hybrid Rumble
  28. Tuning Up: Chris Cornell and the Shadow on the Sun
  29. Ibanez SRH505F Review
  30. Eventide Unveils the PitchFuzz Algorithm
  31. Phil Jones Bass Releases the BP-400 Bass Pulse Amplifier and CAB 47 Speaker Cabinet
  32. Tone Tips: The Company You Keep
  33. Rig Rundown: Rival Sons' Scott Holiday
  34. Magnetic Effects Unveils the Sändare
  35. TC Electronic Introduces the Vintage Guitar Pedal Bundle
  36. Expression Pedal Basics: Take Control!
  37. Seymour Duncan PowerStage 170 Review
  38. Tools for the Task: Expression Pedals
  39. Dr. Z Amplification Releases the EMS
  40. Axes & Artifacts: Duane Allman's 1957 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop
  41. J. Rockett Audio Designs Introduces the I.Q. Compressor
  42. Speaker Geeks: How a Speaker Cabinet Influences Your Tone
  43. Staff Picks: Schooled
  44. Allan Holdsworth’s Fretboard Wizardry
  45. G&L Launches the Kiloton 5 Bass
  46. Greuter Audio Presents the Fuller Drive
  47. Matthews Effects Unveils the Alchemist
  48. Ask Amp Man: Limited Edition Ampeg SVT
  49. Cort Guitars Announces the Gold Series
  50. FU-Tone Releases Titanium Hardware and Spring Claws
  51. Pallbearer: Devin Holt and Brett Campbell Exit the Comfort Zone
  52. The Recording Guitarist: Breaking Bits
  53. Seymour Duncan Releases the Andromeda Dynamic Delay
  54. Rig Rundown: A Perfect Circle
  55. Bogner Amplification Unveils the Oxford Fuzz and Lyndhurst Compressor
  56. Strymon Riverside Review
  57. EarthQuaker Devices Announces the Erupter Fuzz
  58. JAM Pedals Releases the Black Muck
  59. Microtonal Madmen: King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard’s Stu Mackenzie and Joey Walker
  60. BSM Unveils the Galaxy 1011
  61. Quick Hit: Cusack Music Orthrus
  62. Bass OD/DI/Preamp Pedal Roundup
  63. Knaggs Guitars Releases the Doug Rappoport Signature Kenai
  64. First Look: Titan Guitars KR1
  65. Tuning Up: The Converse Inverse Universe
  66. Jol Dantzig's Esoterica Electrica: The Knotty World of Figured Wood
  67. Beyond Blues: Roy Buchanan’s Tele Tricks
  68. Pinter Instruments Unveils the SB1-J Jazz Jr.
  69. Quick Hit: Boss EV-30 Dual Expression Pedal
  70. Fender Announces the Mustang GT Series and Fender Tone App
  71. Epiphone Presents the Johnny A. Custom Outfit
  72. Lundgren Pickups Introduces the Heaven 77
  73. Bass Bench: Gig Preparedness
  74. Friedman Amplification Unveils Tour Pro Series Pedalboards
  75. Robyn Hitchcock’s Manifesto
  76. Keeley Electronics Announces the D&M Drive
  77. Trash or Treasure: Crate CR-1
  78. Set Up an Overdrive Pedal
  79. GHS Updates Short-Scale Bass Strings
  80. Gurus Amps Presents the SexyDrive MkII
  81. Rig Rundown: Seether
  82. Carr Mercury V Review
  83. Geppetto Guitars Introduces the Nomad Humbucker
  84. William Elliott Whitmore Visits PG HQ
  85. PG Giveaways: Seymour Duncan Forza Overdrive
  86. Acoustic Soundboard: A Guitar Grows in Monticello
  87. Breedlove Premier Concerto Review
  88. Fuzzrocious Pedals Announces the Blast Furnace
  89. First Look: Vox MV50 AC
  90. Vintage Vault: 1952 Fender Esquire
  91. Quick Hit: Taylor GS Mini-e Bass
  92. Fretboard Workshop: A Fingerstyle Manifesto
  93. Mastodon’s Bill Kelliher Channels Pain and Gain
  94. TC Electronic Unveils the HyperGravity Mini Compressor and Mimiq Mini Doubler
  95. JHS Pedals and Ryan Adams Collaborate to Create the VCR
  96. Mod Garage: Switchable Modern-Retro Les Paul Wiring
  97. NEXI Industries Announces the DLY-01 Delay Pedal
  98. PG Giveaways: Jazz at Lincoln Center Presents: John Scofield
  99. State of the Stomp: How to Be a Gentle Gear Guru
  100. Free the Tone Unveils the Flight Time FT-2Y
  101. Rig Rundown: Lee Brice Band
  102. Rocket Surgeon Effect Pedal Laboratory Introduces the Seratone
  103. Two Hands, Please!
  104. North Mississippi Allstars: “Run Red Rooster” Song Premiere
  105. Electro-Harmonix Blurst Review
  106. Mooer Ocean Machine Review
  107. Winfield Dust Devil Review
  108. Subdecay Effects Unveils the Vagabond Tremolo
  109. John 5: Wired & Inspired
  110. PG Giveaways: Lag Tramontane 270DCE Snakewood
  111. Traveler Guitar Updates the LTD EC-1
  112. Fredric Effects Releases the Standard Fuzz Machine
  113. Quick Hit: TC Electronic Rusty Fuzz
  114. JHS Pedals Announces the Milkman and Calhoun V2
  115. Last Call: Redactive Creativity
  116. Deep Blues: Double-Stoppin’ Jive
  117. Okko Effects Diablo GH
  118. Crystal Fairy: Embracing the Weird
  119. TC Electronic Unveils the PolyTune 3
  120. NUX Announces Tape Core Deluxe and Core Editor Software
  121. Tools for the Task: Mini Pedal Tuners
  122. Universal Audio Apollo Twin MkII Review
  123. The Recording Guitarist: Big Bad Baritone
  124. Music and Martial Arts
  125. Listen to the May 2017 PG Spotify Playlist
  126. Rig Rundown: Marcus King
  127. Allan Holdsworth: 1946–2017
  128. Dusting Off the MXR Carbon Copy
  129. Speaker Geeks: Wiring Up a 4x12 Cab
  130. DIY: How to Refinish Your Axe
  131. On Rhythm
  132. RainSong Graphite Guitars Announces the Concert Hybrid Series
  133. Tuning Up: First-World Problems and 6-String Dreams
  134. First Look: J. Rockett Audio Designs Rockaway Archer
  135. Iconic Guitars Releases Evolution Series T and T Limited Models
  136. Michael Kelly CC50 Deluxe Review
  137. Bass Bench: Neck Joints, Science, and Sound Opinions
  138. Quick Hit: Jonny Rock Gear Moby Depth
  139. Cosmic Country: Build Those Muscles!
  140. Rethinking My Pedal Board… Again…
  141. Once Human’s Logan Mader and Max Karon
  142. Ask Amp Man: Troubleshooting an Epiphone Electar Step by Step
  143. Reverend Mike Watt Wattplower Review
  144. Tone Tips: Ask Doctor Pete, Part 3
  145. Rig Rundown: Coco Montoya
  146. Dog Days Release William Morris Guitar Straps
  147. DIY: How to Set up Jazzmasters & Jaguars
  148. Cort Releases the AS-OC4 Acoustic-Electric Guitar
  149. Spaceman Titan II Review
  150. Walrus Audio Unveils the Monument Harmonic Tremolo
  151. PG Giveaways: Lollar Pickups Staple P-90 Set
  152. PG Giveaways: Supro Giveaway
  153. State of the Stomp: Embrace Your Secret Love
  154. Friedman Amplification Releases the Pink Taco Mini and Dirty Shirley Mini
  155. Norman Blake: Still Keepin’ It Real
  156. Biltworth Debuts the BW-1
  157. First Look: Carvin Legacy Drive VLD1
  158. Wallace Detroit Guitars Announces Firehouse Series
  159. Quick Hit: Emma Electronic Okto-Nøjs
  160. Jol Dantzig's Esoterica Electrica: SX4U
  161. Beyond Blues: “Rhythm” Changes and the Blues
  162. The One Album That Changed Everything
  163. 3rd Power Announces the Wooly Coats Spanky MKII
  164. Source Audio Unveils the Ventris Reverb
  165. Taylor Academy 10e Review
  166. G&L Launches the ASAT HH RMC
  167. Rivolta Combinata Review
  168. On Bass: Woodshedding Before You Go-Go
  169. Positive Grid Unveils BIAS Modulation
  170. Rig Rundown: Dinosaur Jr.’s J Mascis and Lou Barlow [2017]
  171. LunaStone Pedals Releases the TrueOverDrive 2
  172. Jericho Guitars Releases the Elite Series
  173. Vintage Vault: 1957 Gibson Byrdland Natural
  174. Staff Picks: Life-Changing Albums
  175. Marshall 2525C Mini Jubilee Review
  176. Martin Guitar Expands the Standard Series and Introduces Two Dreadnought Models
  177. Friedman Amplification Announces the Fuzz Fiend and Motor City Drive
  178. Acoustic Soundboard: Imperfect Pitch
  179. Line 6 Announces the Helix LT
  180. Forgotten Heroes: R.L. Burnside
  181. Moore Audio Releases the Red Truck, Baby Bomb, Mod Factory Pro, and Tender Octaver Pro
  182. Will Ray's Bottom Feeder: 1960 Gibson Melody Maker Single Cutaway
  183. Quick Hit: LunaStone The Pusher
  184. One Note at a Time: A Chet Atkins Primer
  185. Traveler Guitar Introduces the AG-450EQ
  186. Keeley Electronics Releases the Filaments Distortion
  187. Reader Guitar of the Month: The Fool
  188. PG Giveaways: Disc Makers 'Get Heard' Giveaway
  189. Mod Garage: Two Easy Ways to Improve Tuning Stability on a Flattop
  190. Mitchell Introduces the TB500 Electric Bass
  191. Boz Boorer: Triple Agent
  192. Gibson EB 4 Review
  193. G&L Unveils Fullerton Standard Line
  194. EvenMidi Releases the H9 MIDI Controller
  195. Rig Rundown: Eric Gales
  196. Reverend Guitars Announces the 20th Anniversary Mercalli Bass
  197. Last Call: Sound Like You
  198. D’Angelico Guitars Releases the Bob Weir Signature Model
  199. Kemper Releases Free Michael Britt Rig Pack
  200. Hand Habits’ Meg Duffy: Guitar Poetry
  201. Studious Moseley Review
  202. Joyo Unveils the Ironloop
  203. Nashville Guitar Community Presents Tribute to Twang
  204. Cory Branan Live at PG
  205. TWA Releases the DM-02 Dynamorph Harmonic Generator
  206. Rivet Pickups Introduces the ‘63 and ‘64
  207. Framus Announces Legacy Acoustics
  208. Valerie June: In Full Bloom
  209. Tone Tips: The Two-Way Street of Endorsements
  210. Positive Grid Announces the BIAS Delay Pedal
  211. Quick Hit: Crazy Tube Circuits Planet B
  212. The Space Between: A Bassist’s Guide to Note Length
  213. Music Nomad Announces the Octopus
  214. MXR Phase 95 Review
  215. Floyd Rose Launches the Rail Tail Tremolo
  216. Warwick Announces the Custom Shop Masterbuilt Sklar Bass
  217. Speaker Geeks: The Secret Life of Guitar Speakers
  218. Positive Grid BIAS Rack Review
  219. PRS Guitars Announces Availability of 57/08 Pickups
  220. BluGuitar Releases the BluBox Virtual Speaker Collection
  221. Reader Guitar of the Month: Dream Double-Neck
  222. Rig Rundown: Deafheaven
  223. Fender Custom Shop Releases Bob Bain “Son of the Gun” Telecaster
  224. Introducing the Magnetic Cling On Tuner
  225. The Recording Guitarist: Let’s Ape Tape!
  226. Dr. No and Troy Van Leeuwen Collaborate to Create the Raven
  227. Nexi Industries Introduces Wah Pedal
  228. Axes & Artifacts - 1961 Gibson Birdland and 1963 Fender Princeton
  229. D’Addario Accessories Launches Pedal Tuner
  230. PG Giveaways: G&H Solderless Cable Kit
  231. Chase Bliss Audio Releases the Brothers
  232. De La Tierra’s Andreas Kisser
  233. Chuck Berry: 1926–2017
  234. Henretta Engineering Introduces the H-Bomb Trembrato
  235. Quick Hit: Ovation Applause Elite AE44II-VV
  236. Rainger FX Releases the Deep Space Pulsar
  237. On Bass: Humanity, Schmutz, and Intentional Imperfection
  238. Wah Wah Wah…
  239. Tools for the Task: Gold Foil Pickups
  240. Keith Urban’s Country-Rock Wizardry
  241. Suhr Introduces the Select Series
  242. 6 for Swapping: 8" Speaker Review Roundup
  243. Ask Amp Man: Reducing the Bass on a Fender DeVille
  244. Martin D-16E Review
  245. IK Multimedia Introduces Fulltone Guitar & Bass Effects Collection for AmpliTube
  246. Staff Picks: More Please!
  247. BSM Announces the Supreme
  248. Jennings Guitars Unveils the Voyager
  249. Listen to the April 2017 PG Spotify Playlist
  250. Rig Rundown: Tedeschi Trucks Band