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  1. FS EMG 81 and Jim Dunlop Dime crybaby from hell wah pedal
  2. The Handwoven Peruvian Guitar Strap from Original Fuzz
  3. FS: Lovetone Wobbulator Effects Pedal
  4. WTB: Smoky Signal Tubeless EL84
  5. Boss Tera Echo
  6. Analogman Bicomp, Sunface, & TR-2 Trem, TS10, Keeley TS9, Bonamassa Fuzz, Way Huge Aqua Puss
  7. wtb arc furnace
  8. FS-'09 SOLA SOUND D*A*M Tone Bender
  9. fs: voodoo labs sparkle mod, 125 shipped
  10. fs: tc electronic corona chorus, $105 shipped and pp'd
  11. fs: fx engineering compressor, $105 shipped and pp'd
  12. fs: 2 mogami platinum instrument cables
  13. secret seasons snowdrift
  14. 3Leaf Proton for Sale