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Thread: Wampler Ego Vs. Earthquaker Devices The Warden

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    Wampler Ego Vs. Earthquaker Devices The Warden

    I have narrowed my long and arduous research into Opto-Comps Down to these two options. I was wondering if anyone has owned both or had a chance to play both extensively. Which has a bigger range? Which one sounds more organic? Which one is easier to dial in? I'm also interested in how noisey these units are. Any information would be helpful, I'm having a huge case of gear related indecision.
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    Re: Wampler Ego Vs. Earthquaker Devices The Warden

    I use compressor a lot in the music I play (R&B/Soul etc) and I have gone through many many compressors. Since I got the Wampler Ego compressor several years ago I have not even looked at another compressor.

    Very natural sounding -- the blend option works great and allows you blend in enough comp/gtr signal. The squeeze can be as tight and pronounced or as subtle as you want without it sounding artificial.

    It works for me. As soon as a new compressor pedal would hit the market I would buy it. My personal hunt ended with the Wampler Ego compressor.

    Hope this help.

    I have not tried the Warden -- I am sure it is a great compressor -- at this point -- I am not even interested in looking at alternatives.
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