Better Business Bureau's Complaint.Complaint has been assigned case # 447652.

Filed on : March 22 2013

Filed against :
Maverick Music
142 S Cardigan Way Ste E
Mooresville NC 28117-8537

Complaint Description:

Unpaid Refund. Bass AMP Trace Elliot 1210 was sold to me for back to end of December 2012. I paid by personal bank check amount of $650.00 + $30.00 shipping coast. Before I did buy AMP, I spoke with owner Mr. Phil Winfield by phone make shure AMP in working condition. Mr. Winfield told me AMP is working condition and like new one. AMP was delivered 10 days after purchase. AMP isnt work. I spoke with Mr. Winfield again and we have verable agreement what I going to repair at pro music shope AMP and he will reimbersment (refund) money to me what will cost repair AMP. AMP was repair end of January 2013, amount of $105.00 was pay by me. After I send copy of Invoice and copy of Reciept by email to Mr. Winfield. From February 2013 until present day Mr. Winfield as owner Maverick Music refuse pay me refund what was agreemennt between us. Beside that he told me what he did sent payment by mail two times, one time just mail, second time sertify mail, both mail mistereusly dissapers. Mr. Winfield also ignored pay my invoices by Paypal and didnt pick up phone if its have my caller id.

Your Desired Resolution: Refund $105.00