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Thread: Posting Videos, Video Playlists and SoundCloud Clips

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    Posting Videos, Video Playlists and SoundCloud Clips

    How to embed a SoundCloud clip

    1. click on the share button (top left of SoundCloud clip bar )
    2. Copy link
    3. on the BGT forum Post editing box -- you will see the SoundCloud icon on top of the box (row with all the editing tools) - click on it
    4. Paste the SoundCloud url between the tags
    5. Save -- that is it!

    How to embed a Video

    1. Copy Youtube video link
    2. click film strip icon
    3. Paste url from Youtube in Popup window

    4. Save -- that is it!

    How to embed a Video Playlist

    It is now easy to embed playlists from Youtube into your post.

    1. click on Playlist icon in editor
    2. Copy numerical code from the end of your youtube playlist URL


    3. Paste your playlist code between the YTP tags generated by the playlist icon in the editor.

    That is it

    there is a bug in the editor (should be fixed on next update) so you will need to put in the open and close tags manually or you can switch to enhance editor -- see how to switch below

    How to switch to full editor

    vBulletin 4.1.4 has a slight bug in the editor which will be fixed in the next release. What is does is causes the last button in a custom app (bbcode) to insert the TAG -- so even though you see icons for Youtube Playlist and SoundCloud -- only SoundCloud, only the SoundCloud tags function unless you change your editor settings.

    However, you can still use both if you switch to Enhanced Interface - Full WYSIWYG Editing.

    Switching to full editor is simple ---

    1. Go to Settings
    2. click on General Settings on left Navigation Column
    3. Scroll down towards the bottom to: Miscellaneous Options
    4. select: Enhanced Interface - Full WYSIWYG Editing
    5. Hit Save
    6. You are done

    Now you have enabled the full editor and you can use all the posting and embedding features available on BGT
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