Hi all,

First post on here is just to let you know about some popular products we manufacture for our own pedal manufacture but also sell to other pedal manufacturers worldwide.

The product pictured below is a light plate. This particular one fits a hammond 1590B enclosure, a popular one amongst pedal builders. It fits between the existing lid and the enclosure body and with the addition of an internal LED allows a skirt of light to project around the outside of your pedal. Different coloured LEDs let you have whatever colour you like. We supply a set of stainless screws with the plates and a guide to fitting and using the plates. Check them out on our website ( www.petersenengineering.co.uk ) where you can find the link to our eBay page to buy. We ship worldwide.

We are selling these fast and we are getting strong demand for more models which we are currently working on, such as the 1590A, BB, G and ST.

Thanks for reading.