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Thread: Tips for Musicians with Arthritis

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    Tips for Musicians with Arthritis

    This thread is about aggregating tips to help musicians cope with the pain and stiffness that is associated with some common problems that can affect his or her hands. these problems can include:Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, arthritis, and tendonitis.

    Play Everyday
    I find that playing everyday (even for a few minutes) helps me with my arthritis. When I go for a few days without playing, my fingers stiffen considerably.

    Take Mini Breaks
    Two or three minutes every half hour while playing has worked for me.

    Warm Water Massage
    Letting warm water run over your hands is very soothing. What I do is let the warm water flow over my hands for a couple of minutes then I massage them by imitating hand-washing movements while still letting warm water run over them. This is very helpful on gigs between set breaks.

    Hand Stretching
    The “prayer stretch” is an effective exercise for your hands. Put your hands together in the prayer position just below the chin and slowly lower them toward your waist. Hold this stretch for five or 10 seconds.

    Hand Massage
    Using the thumb of the opposite hand, massage each palm for a few seconds. You can do this easily on a gig on set breaks or even during a performance between songs.

    Wrist Shaking
    Like a boxer in the ring waiting for the bell to ring, making sure you are loose and limber is important no matter what the activity. Gently shake your hands to relax them and roll your shoulders forward and backward a few times.

    These are just a few things to help you play music with less pain -- or just get through a gig .... hopefully others will share their experiences on coping with arthritis and playing an instrument
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