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Thread: Hello from AUDIOZONE amps and speakers in Iowa

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    Hello from AUDIOZONE amps and speakers in Iowa

    Hi, I just found out about this forum and thought I should join. I'm in Nevada, Iowa. That's a town in Iowa, not stores in two states. That's caused me a lot of explaining over the years since I started selling on ebay and the internet. I've got a little one man business here and I build my own brand of amps and speakers. I've been building speakers as a business for 30 years and amps for about 10 years. I started AUDIOZONE in Ames Iowa in 1982, and have sold many fine brands like Rickenbacker, Epiphone, acoustic, Randall, Slingerland, Mapex, moog, Marshall, Hiwatt, Fernandes, Fender, and lots of others, along with all the used stuff that got traded in over the years. For quite awhile now I've had another job, a day job, also.
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