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Thread: Newby from NEPA (North East PA)

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    Newby from NEPA (North East PA)

    I spent about 3 decades of my life playing through crappy Crate and Peavys, somehow justifying that I'm going to get quality tone.

    Finally, I threw in the towel in fear of missing the bus. I sold two or three gear items on Ebay and broke even with a FUCHS Train45.

    That Amp being too loud, I did same concept selling gear and buying Fuchs Lucky7. Bought an Airbrake (which I avoided because they cost about 1/2 as much as a decent Amp) and the Train works perfect.

    Not stopping there, I bought an East Studio2. All great Amps. I play exclusively seven or eight WGSs. 1X12 (Retro), 2X12 (Invader/Reaper HP), 4X12 (ET-65/Vet30.)

    I play at home. Very anti-social. I did gigs for about 6 months 1994 in Central Jersey.

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    Re: Newby from NEPA (North East PA)

    Welcome to BGT!

    Excellent choice with the fuchs!

    I have owned several and still have the 45 which is a killer amp IMO.
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