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    I'm introducing myself because I'm going to sound like a moron if I just start posting "what amp is this" in one of the forums, so here I am.

    I don't have quite the boutique gear that you guys have here - nicest amp I've played through is probably a late 60s fender bassman but the tubes hadn't been changed in 30 years so it didn't sound all that great IMO. Nicest guitar has probably been a Tom Anderson strat they had at a shop in Georgia. Favorite guitar I've played is a parts telecaster I put together with a swamp ash body, aluminum bigsby bridge, js moore neck pickup (unpotted, scatterwound, 6.8k, A2) and a duncan jerry donahue bridge. Neck is maple with a kingwood fretboard and I really really like the sounds it makes.

    I've always been more into modifying gear than getting the really nice stuff. I've got a modified ephiphone valve junior (One of the reasons I'm looking to sell the mystery amp I'll post about after this), and two modified boss SD-1's. I've built a few basic pedals (fuzz and wah mostly), and so far two guitars (but I've swapped out all the electronics on all of my guitars, which I think is 6 right now. I guess it doesn't count as a 'swap out' if you build the guitar with those electronics but hey, I'll count it.)

    I've got a vox tonelab SE that I use to record with, and the closest I have to a boutique fuzz pedal is a Euthymia Crucible Si fuzz that I got in a trade. I also have a malekko ekko 616 but I don't know if that's boutique. It's closer to barber in terms of price point than analog man. I also found the schematic for a barber ltd silver so I'm considering building one of those on a perfboard with some quality components and a slightly different clipping stage.

    Anyway, glad to be here. I'll go and post about the amp in a minute - It has "smittytone" and "v-plex" written on the front but I can't figure out who made it.

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    At first, they'll only dislike what you say, but the more correct you start sounding the more they'll dislike you. Criss Jami

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