Mr. Music (one of my fav guitar stores anywhere!) has some AMAZING Gibson stuff right now.

Jay Geils from the J Geils Band is selling off a whole bunch of stuff and they have it all in the store.

They have a bunch of old Gibson acoustics at 10k a pop (all right there so you can play them), a '59 Les Paul (which is WAY overpriced IMHO as it's a refinished model at $250,000) that isn't out for regular folks but if you're a 1%er (by that I mean a person who they know and like) you can check it out and they have a whole mess of the other cool stuff they always have (still shocked nobody has bought the tolex'd to look silverface original '59 Bassman!).

Anyways, shout out to a killer store that supplies me with 80% of my t-shirts and the super cool, every part you will ever need in stock from Lollar pickups to Maestro bridges - Mr Music!!!!!!

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1939 J-55

1939 J-100 (I'm trying NOT to buy this guitar)