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Thread: Anybody play with wooden picks?

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    Anybody play with wooden picks?

    I have been playing for the last two weeks or so with some Rosewood picks made in India.

    John Pearse Sarod Wooden Guitar Picks

    I have to tell you I am digging them -- they feel and sound very similar to V-Picks Screamers (which I have been using for years) but without the chirp.

    they also feel better in your fingers.

    I just ordered an ebony wood set and a camel bone one for comparision.
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    Re: Anybody play with wooden picks?

    No, but once I had to do a whole set with a quarter! I lost my pick and thats all I had in me pocket.
    It was rough.
    Wood picks? I'd have to try them. Doesn't sound pleasant.

    Can you tell me what those $40 picks are? I have heard of them but can't remember what they are called.

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