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Thread: Thoughts on Callaham bridges?

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    Thoughts on Callaham bridges?

    I HATE the loose feel of Fender's trem arms... I'm replacing the block and plate on my CS to a Callaham. The fit and finish look impeccable. I will report back... Thoughts?
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    Re: Thoughts on Callaham bridges?

    I upgraded a CS Strat I had a few years back. The quality was great, as was the service. I angered many folks when I said it kind of killed the tone on my guitar. Some people have said that they're bright, but I found it kind of took the midrange out - which on a Strat is important.

    I had CS69 pickups in that guitar, so maybe with something else they would work better and a lot of people tend to like them.

    My favorite Strat bridge is still the American Standard one. I don't have many guitars with it because I mostly have older Strats, but for using the bar I think they got it right with that one.

    The smoothest one I have ever tried (never owned one) that I would suggest if it will fit your guitar is the Fender Floyd Rose one from the American Deluxe guitars circa 97/98. Those were pretty sweet.

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