Over the summer I did some dates in Asia that spilled over to the USA and one in Canada. I had brought a Les Paul Standard and a Telecaster. I ended up bringing out my ES-330 just because I like to play it and figured I would carry it with me to play in the hotels, etc....

I ended up playing it on stage a ton. They feedback like crazy, but I found that once you learn how to control it these are really amazing sounding guitars. Plus they're super light, have st00pid low action and look bad ass (IMHO).

Anyways, I would really like an ES-345. I even would like an ES-335, but my friend (DHoward here) ruined my for those by letting me play his '59 ES-335 and I have yet to find one as good.

So this one I paid about $400 for because it had humbuckers in it and bad tuners. I put Klusons on it (I need to get some plastic button ones) and Lollar P-90s. I got a CS case from Gibson, I think it's just a 335 case. So, I maybe have $600 in it.

I know they reissued these, but I think the reissues are more then the old ones if you look around.

So anyways, I have been finishing some rootsy type of tracks up and this is just fitting the tracks perfectly. It has its own sound and the fact that it's not a Strat, Tele, LP, etc... is actually a benefit here.

I'm running it pretty clean through a tweed Deluxe and loving it. As soon as the tracks are done I'll post them up. Here is a pic of me with it last night in my man cave!