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Thread: Added Fractal Audio Video Guide Directory Section to BGT TV

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    Added Fractal Audio Video Guide Directory Section to BGT TV

    In an effort to speed up my learning and creating a quick video reference guide, I created a new section in BGT dedicated to Fractal Audio. The guide contains the following so far:

    Fractal Audio Systems
    Video demos and instructions for the use of the Fractal audio Axe-FX
    -- General Instruction
    -- Amps & Cabs
    -- Controllers (Boards, Pedals)
    -- Tone Match
    -- Presets & Demos
    --- Blues
    --- Classical
    --- Country
    --- Funk/Jazz
    --- Rock (Classic to Metal)
    --- Other

    The directory can be found here: Media - Boutique Gear Talk

    The categories are on the column on the right.

    Users can upload their videos from Youtube (pretty easy) just click on the "add-Upload" menu tab and follow the instructions. The key is to put the videos in the right category from the drop-down menu under the Fractal section.

    If there is a patch associated with the video, place the link in the description section.

    I also added categories under "Presets & Demos" so if I am looking for lets say a country tone -- I can find it quickly.

    for SoundCloud it is a little tricker

    - when the "Add new Media " windows comes up, Click on "Embed" tab on the top left of the window. Then go to the soundcloud item you want to add, click share and copy the "Widget" code and paste it into the "embed Code" frame. don't forget to add the description, title and select the right "Fractal" category from the drop down menu. Also with soundCloud - click music on the bottom left of the window.
    Please feel free to contribute and PM me with any questions.
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