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Thread: So.... Who does not like the CLR?

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    So.... Who does not like the CLR?

    I like it for the most part. I am primarily a brootz / thrash player. I do not play clean, ever. It's full boar, full on gain. I am finding that with the CLR, there is a certain flub to the bass frequency that I can not seem to get out. It's kind of like when I got my rectifier head. It's that same type of flub if you will.

    So I want to get another speaker. I'm not sure if I will go with another CLR.

    I'm looking at other FRFR speakers. Friedman ASM-12 / Matrix Q12 Active. Why Matrix does not offer an active wedge is beyond me.

    Chime in and let me know what you think.

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    Re: So.... Who does not like the CLR?


    personally -- I thought they are very boomy. You had to add a lot of EQ to it to make it work (at least for me).

    Too much work.

    Lot of folks dig them -- I could not for the life of me make them work.

    Here is my journey.

    CLR - Gone after a few weeks

    MATRIX GTX 1000 Amp-- 2 x 12a speakers - Excellent solution. Feels like a real you are playing and standing in front of a real amp.

    Did about 40-60 shows with them. I got tired of carrying all the gear and went back to a small combo and pedalboard.

    My band started booking more corporate and wedding gigs so we decided to have everyone run through the PA and we also decided to upgrade the PA

    We went all QSC

    QSC TouchMix 16 mixer (awesome)
    QSC K12 Mains
    QSC K10 Monitors

    I went back to the Axe-FX - XL+ and I am running through PA. I use the monitor (K10) to monitor myself and I mix in the other instruments and vocals (TouchMix allows you to give each monitor its own mix).

    It works great. My patches sound the same (I have a K10 at home that I use to create/dial in my patches) through my monitor as they do through the mains.

    I have a perfect mix with vocals/keys/bass/drums -- every time. Also with the TouchMix I can save each venue I play in as a preset.

    This works for the type of music I play. I have a wedding/corp events band -- we also do club dates (r&b/soul/dance etc)

    Basically I would not buy into this bullshit that you have to have these perfect super expensive monitors for your Axe --

    If you are running through a PA and travel with your own PA -- get something that integrates with you PA and your patches will translate well.

    If you are playing venues that have a PA -- using someone like a QSC or any other "Commercial" pro level monitor - will be just fine because the odds you are going to find similar monitoring systems at the venues.

    Hope this helps.
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    Re: So.... Who does not like the CLR?

    I had QSC K10, dialed my Fractal AxeFX II XL settings using that and liked the sound. Then I went to recording studio and took direct outs to the mixing board and my patches sounded really thin and ice-picky because they were adjusted to account for the coloring of QSC K10. I sold that thing and bought CLRs after much feedback that this would deal with the FRFR issues to get an accurate representation of the sound on direct outs. I haven't been back in a studio (or done home studio recording) since then to confirm the differences. But I am happy with the CLRs so far in live use. I guess I'm trusting the feedback of a lot of folks who said they are the flattest for accurate sound reproduction.

    If you hear a flub in the CLRs... presumably you have monitors that are flatter or more accurate that you like and then it sounds worse with CLRs? If not, maybe the CLRs are just showing you what is in the original signal, and something else was masking that flub you hear?

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