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Thread: Sad Songs

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    Sad Songs

    Yeah sure sad songs that one might play are variable depending on the cause of the pensive mindset that makes you look toward Dylan rather than Motorhead, often for me at least as they are touchstones for milestones in a life frequented by ephemeral but real and minutely recalled blue.

    Blood on the Tracks

    Dozens of Hank Williams songs, two esecially that weren't written by Hank but Texan Leon Payne, blind and a top writer. Hank's covers of Leon's "Lost Highway" and even more heartrending, "They'll Never Take Her Love From Me," stand among his most heartfelt performances, two of 40 of his top hits.

    Rebekah del Rio's cover of Roy Orbison's "Cryin" sung without any instrumental accompaniment, a capella, and with one of the most beautiful and beautifully produced final high note I have ever heard.

    Apartment No. 9

    I'll Remember April

    Get Happy (whole record)

    The Grand Tour

    Ain't No Use in Cryin

    Still Doin Time

    It's all over now, Baby Blue

    Waiting Around to Die

    Blue Ridge Rangers cover of "She Thinks I Still Care"

    More Than This\

    A Picture of Us
    The bottles stand as empty, as they were filled before
    Time there was and plenty, but from that cup no more
    Though I could not caution all, I still might warn a few:
    Don't lend your hand to raise no flag atop no ship of fools.
    -John Davies Cale

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    Re: Sad Songs

    I have a bootleg copy of Blood on the Tracks that my dad gave me about 20 years ago now. It's just acoustic, bass and on a couple tracks organ. The songs are a little slower. I always liked these versions better.

    I agree about Hank Williams having a lot. There is one song I always thought was great is Someday You'll Call My Name. Probably not his best known song, but a really great one. For Dylan it would probably be Boots of Spanish Leather, but I like that whole record but a lot of it is depressing but I'll go out on a limb and say Two Soldiers, which is a pretty old folk song that he did back in 92 or 93 on one of the two acoustic records he made around that time.

    I think the one I probably like the most is the Everly's I'll Do My Crying in the Rain (maybe Take a Message to Mary) or Roy Orbison's In the Real World.

    The one that always kills me (and this will probably get some slack!) is Sinead O'Connor's Nothing Compares 2 U - which Prince wrote. Also, I have to throw in David Ruffin's performance in The Temptations' I Wish It Would Rain. Maybe throw Just My Imagination in there, I guess it would be a toss up.

    Nobody can sing like these guys:

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    Re: Sad Songs

    To many to name, but the Moody Blues always get me.

    Nights in white satin. (Of course)
    New Horizons (One of my favorite all time songs)
    For my Lady
    The tide rushes in
    Go now

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