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Thread: College Football Gone Wild

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    College Football Gone Wild

    After the stunning and I mean stunning upset of OSU by IS, the BCS championship game is still wide open. LSU, perhaps the dirtiest playing thugs of the modern era, faces a far from cakewalk contest with AR next Friday, which may even further align the stars for an AL-LSU rematch depending on the outcome of the SEC champ'ship game and the extent of the trouncing AL levels on defending nat'l champs Auburn next Saturday.
    As this is being typed, another upset is possibly brewing, with USC 14 points ahead of OR at halftime.
    At any rate, it's quite conceivable that when the last dog is hung the SEC will claim 4 of the top 5 spots. Let the hatin among the sportswriters from outside the conference begin!

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    Re: College Football Gone Wild

    OSU had a legit claim to the title game, the ISU loss was a killer. K State was robbed. I understand the Big XII (IX currently) isn't a glamor conference, but I predict very little real interest in the title game outside of SEC land. I'll watch because it will be more entertaining than The World Series of Poker or *M*A*S*H* reruns, but it will mostly be background noise. When will the SEC secede from the NCAA Union?

    There, the hating has begun!

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