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Thread: So, No Joe Paterno thread yet?

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    So, No Joe Paterno thread yet?

    Whaddya all think about that situation?

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    Re: So, No Joe Paterno thread yet?

    Its disgusting. Instead of doing the bare minimum Paterno and the other officials should have lead a internal investigation into Sandusky's actions as well as notify the authorities within moments of when He became aware of these actions. It seems obvious that a cover up ensued instead. The hierarchy was more concerned with the $ and reputation of the school versus putting a pedophile in jail and keeping kids safe.

    I really think that if Paterno would have handled this correctly he could have taken credit for "Keeping ALL the kids safe, especially the little ones". Parents would have lined up to send their kids to a school like that, it would have added to his legend. It would have shown that a childs safety and the law was more important than football. This will cost Penn State and the tax payers huge dollars now. I can't imagine what the victims are thinking and feeling, this has to be beyond tough for them.

    If the allegations against Sandusky are proven to be true, He will go down as one of the worst pedophiles in memory.

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