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Thread: Al Jazeria member on Dr. Phil!

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    Al Jazeria member on Dr. Phil!

    I have never watched Dr. Phil's show, but I was checking the weather on Friday and happened to see a commercial with and the pictures had a guy with a bunch of guitars and gear.

    The show was about a guy named Kris Hadlock who has never worked a job but his parents have given him about 1.7 million dollars worth of guitars, maps, a 2500 square foot recording studio, Affliction clothing, video shoot budgets and a custom built $30,000 drum kit.

    The show was pretty amazing and the guy looked like he came right off TGP. The saddest thing was that he's 43 years old and has a 10 year old daughter.

    He never said he liked music, just that he wanted to be a star.

    The music was pretty much hair metal. His girlfriend was on, etc.....

    I had always heard these shows were fake, so I goggled it and he is a real guy.

    Did anyone else see it? If you have on demand check it out for some craziness.

    the drum kit:

    the guy:

    the band:

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    Re: Al Jazeria member on Dr. Phil!

    So based on the story he sounds like a pretty typical hipster from Brooklyn as far as I can tell. Minus the excessive amounts of time spent to look "ironic" (or maybe so, but in a different way)
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    Re: Al Jazeria member on Dr. Phil!

    Hey man whatever works.... parents gave him the bread ... and he is spending it on music gear and not up his nose or in a pipe.... or so it seems.
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