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Thread: Why Scott Peterson From TGP Is Such A Dick Thread

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    Re: Why Scott Peterson From TGP Is Such A Dick Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by GearPageGuy View Post
    I'm wondering if incite and insight weren't mixed up in the creation of that user name. Insightful = common word. Inciteful = not recognized by any online dictionary.

    inciteful: definition of inciteful in Oxford dictionary (American English) (US)

    Urban Dictionary: Inciteful

    If you can't find this on an on-line dictionary it may be time for a change in your life. Just sayin.............

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    Re: Why Scott Peterson From TGP Is Such A Dick Thread

    I have just been banned from TGP. I suspect it has something to do with calling an "experiment" by Jay Mitchell unscientific.
    Tried to contact "Scott Peterson" on a reason why i have been banned and wanting to know when i will be unbanned or when i will be allowed to make a new account. He asks which account, i say "energy" and he stops responding.
    I guess TGP likes the status quo of having users talking down on every piece of gear there is (unless it's fractal/atomic/line6, of course).
    When i signed up i thought it was a place for musicians to meet, talk, exchange ideas and knowledge but it's just full of bitter people that play in church bands.
    No clue why TheGearpage establishes rules and then doesn't follow them.

    Anyways, sorry for the rant.

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