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Thread: If you like cool gear check out this DVD

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    If you like cool gear check out this DVD

    Someone loaned me this DVD. I'm not a huge Metallica fan but it didn't really have a ton of music in it. It was more about them making a record, so you see some tracking and stuff.

    Just goes to show you how well the classic equipment works across all kinds of styles. Despite Metallica being a heavy metal band it seems most of the stuff they use is not newer brands which is what I would have thought. Lots of Bursts, even a Trainwreck or two.

    You can get the DVD really cheap used. Metallica - Some Kind of Monster: Joe Berlinger, Dan Braun (II), Stefan Chirazi, Erica Forstadt, Mike Gillies, Kirk Hammett, Zach Harmon, Cali Tee Hetfield, James Hetfield, Pepper Keenan, Danny Lohner, Peter Mensch, Jason Newsted, Peter P

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    Re: If you like cool gear check out this DVD

    I saw that movie when it was in the theater's. My wife likes Metallica so we went and I enjoyed it. I give them credit for opening up like they did, especially on camera! IIRC they had some type of therapist trying to become part of the band decision making process.

    I do have one short Metallica story. Back in the summer of 2000 the wife and I were in San Francisco. While we were checking out the Haight Ashbury Music Center Jason Newsted walked in. I didn't know who he was initially but my wife did. He seemed like a decent guy and actually appeared to enjoy talking to everyone that was in the store. He seemed to be a well liked regular there,

    That is my one and only Rock Star sighting!
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