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Thread: What was the first bass you owned?

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    Quote Originally Posted by amp360 View Post
    I will have to get it out. One of those things since the guy passed away, you know. It was like a Teisco or something. How Ralston ended up making their name on a bass I don't know.

    It was kind of like this but sunburst:

    Going by the style of shiny metal pickguard and the little wooden thumbrest, that too is probably a re-badged Domino. Almost nothing about these things on the web, other than that they made instruments for all sorts of re-branding contractees. Japanese, typically very stout construction, good material, hideous electronics, cheesy hardware, flaky paint, but oddly enough a very nice-playing piece of wood when you get right down to it. Dunno much about the source factory, other than it's generally believed not to be from Matsumoku...conjecture is more like Hoshino or the jen-Gakki group.


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    69 Tele bass. Still have it!

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