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Thread: Pawn Shop Score - New Sweet Bass Day!!!

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    Pawn Shop Score - New Sweet Bass Day!!!

    Found this bad boy in a Pawn Shop for $250. It's the bass I always wanted to own. My friend Keith (who gave me that Three's Company Jaguar) has an old one just like this and I always loved it.

    This is the Mexican reissue, but the neck is similar to the original and it has the 70s era poly finish on the neck along with binding and the blocks!

    It didn't work when I got it. It was tagged at $300, but the guy came down to $250. When I got it home it was so filthy I had to take it all apart to clean it. It had CTS pots stock, so I sprayed some contact cleaner in them and the jack was green and pitted, so I replaced it and I leveled the frets. One of the pickups wouldn't read on my meter, so I heated the solder on them and let it cool and it came to life.

    I spent $50 on a set of LaBella flatwounds and adjusted the truss rod and now it's in tune with nice action and sounds great!

    Here it is as I got it - I'll post a cleaned up picture later!

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    Re: Pawn Shop Score - New Sweet Bass Day!!!

    Very nice! I also like your trick with the solder joint. I'll remember that one.

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