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Thread: How to Use BGT Chat

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    How to Use BGT Chat

    BGT offers a "FaceBook" style chat. To use, simply invite someone to be a Friend.

    To invite someone to be your Friend,

    1. go to Settings
    2. click on "Friends & Contacts" (toward the bottom on left Navigation column)
    3. Add a Member to Your List... field
    4. click "Add friend"

    When your friend accepts your Friend request, you can use BGT Chat to chat with each other.

    The BGT Chat Box is located on the bottom of your browser on the right side ("Who's Online).

    Additionally there are other things you might enjoy on the Bar.

    The RadioActive Warning sign is an area you can go play online games. If you click on it you will see an number of online games you can play. You can also play games with other members online through your chat window.

    Explore and enjoy --- many more things to come!
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