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Man, that 2nd Gen SDO is a steal!! I love mine.

Quinnamp SDO 183 100w with built in Dumbleator(1): Posted by 5150gtrmonkey

Up for sale is my Quinn TKT 183 that I bought from fellow TGPer PhilC, not too long ago in June 2012. The faceplate doesn’t say “TKT 183” but it is, as confirmed by original owner and builder Shad. It is in excellent condition, the same as which I received it. I mainly bought this amp for it’s clean tone as it is chimey, warm and sparkling. But the overdrive is also great, with the mid range complexity this amp is known for. Now I know what they mean by the “reedy” quality of the notes. Works great with single coils or humbuckers, but I will say that the OD is really at its peak when playing with buckers.

It is currently loaded with 6L6 power tubes and has an adjustable return signal control on the loop and the option of bypassing the loop completely (my personal favorite setting).

Selling for $2300, Paypal’d and shipped fully insured anywhere in the US.

Quinnamp 2nd Generation (2): Posted by Bamablues

I cant believe Im selling this. Best amp ive had by far but im a straight up marshall guy so thats pretty much it. Best clean channel ive ever heard on any amp and loves pedals. The overdrive channel sounds outstanding with plenty of gain on tap and it matches up well with the clean channel . The reverb blends well with both channels but if you dont like reverb you can just switch it off. The amp has an outstanding effects loop with a built in dumbulator. Switchable 50/100 watts and sounds great at either setting. This amp sounds great at any volume and has the best master volume ive heard. Ive heard some people complain about power chords with dumble type amps but i havent experienced that all with this one. The unloaded 112 matching cab is included in the price. A nice strat or paul would be at the top of my trade list.Oh yea, its purple

SDO 2nd Generation - quinnamp

2950 for both the head and cab. pp and ill split the shipping cost.
2600 for the head pp and shipped.

I really appreciate that Greg. Unfortunately not what I am looking for right now. I have those bases covered with my TKTs.