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Thread: Lockard Murder By Tone 187

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    Lockard Murder By Tone 187

    NOS 6V6. $2,900 Retail Amp & Cab.

    It's an 8 Watt Bassman. It does vintage JMP45/Bassman tone at low volumes. The real kicker is 32 Ohm deep Cab running from 8 Ohm Amp, speakers Vin30/GB both MIGB.

    It's tone to die for. Bluesy, ballsy, crunchy. Just the right blend. Hand built in home by Eric Lockard; an Orange County (CA) ex-studio engineer punk rocker/player...or something like that.

    Less than 100 made. I believe it's future Dumble/Trainwreck. I have two heads. One as a spare. Looking for Cab.

    The tone is ABSOLUTE NIRVANA! My quest is complete. Jake E Lee endorses same.
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