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Thread: Nace M1-18R

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    Nace M1-18R

    Yep. Got it used off Ebay. I felt I needed a 18W sized Amp. I had VOX Night Train 15, and could not get a sound I liked out of it. For about $100 more (Used) for the VOX I got this. Combo sells with GB, I've got plugged into a EVH 5150 III GB 4X12. This Amp head is very light. I always thought quality meant weight.

    I was surprised how efficient this Amp is. Didn't take long to find my tone. I play very dirty low volumes. It's got a DEEP ballsy sound to it with headroom. I've read it's a VOX AC15 killer. Very, very quiet. I told seller (who is also co-dealer) it's therapeutic and a virtuoso of an Amp. You can really hit notes that end up sounding like gold.

    After playing/owning low watt Fenderish/Marshall clones, this Amp has a refreshing sound to it. Just a good, clean fresh vibe that just sounds classic DEEP & WIDE through EVH 5150 III 4X12. I'm not a Reverb guy, doesn't work with dirt, IMO. I've been trying to get away from EL84s, I've got one too many single EL84s already, but this sounds much better, because it's twin EL84.

    Premier Guitar says it's built very well. There is also a 7W version with 6V6 that I'd rather have, but they're not selling cheap/used.

    Nace M1-18R Amp Review
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