I have four vintage pre-rola 1971 G12H30 Greenbacks, all original cones in great condition. We need money for bills/touring so I'm letting these go. I've had them for a few years in an old GBX amp. They sound and look great. Stamps on basket are "T1862 DD5". These speakers are from April 5, 1971, and have 2 102 003 Pulsonic cones, 75 Hz. 50 oz. ceramic magnet. 8 ohms. One speaker's cone reads 3 102 003. Stamp is a little blurred on this one, but I think the stamp says DD5, or DD2, which would only be a 3 day difference off the assembly line, and to my knowledge the 3 102 003 cones were used at the same time as the 2 102 003 cones, and are practically the same cone.

These are considered the holy grail of speakers by many, and are one of the rarest. Check out these forums:
"T1862 & T1234 G12H30 heavy magnet (50 oz. ceramic magnet), Pulsonic 102 003 75hz lead cone model, 8 ohms (pretty rare in 8 ohms). I've seen a total of 7 of these in 200 plus Pre Rola purchases. As rare as Pre Rola's are, these are amongst the rarest."
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"Ultra rare 8 ohm G12H30 with Pulsonic cone:
One April 1971 DD20 T1862 G12H30 75hz "3" Pulsonic cones 8 ohm $400 "

Check it out to on Ebay here: Four 1971 Celestion Pre Rola Greenbacks G12H30S 12" Speakers Original Cones | eBay