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Thread: Dumble Ultra Phonix Style Amp By Sebago Amps

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    Dumble Ultra Phonix Style Amp By Sebago Amps

    Here is a brilliant amp built for me by Bill at Sebago amps. This Ultra Phonix Amp started it's life as a 68 Silverfaced Bandmaster. Bill worked closely with a gentleman who has had numerous Ultra Phonix amps from Mr. Dumble himself and that gentleman told me that Bill is there with these builds that he's doing.

    The amp has two channels that you can plug into. I can a/b them using an a/b box that I own. I call the channels "clean and cleaner". Push either channel with a Tube Screamer type of pedal and it really takes off. This amp has a big and punchy clean channel with the nice Fender chime on top. What separates this amp from the normal Fender builds is that the notes have more bloom and "sing" to them. There is a lot of sustain going on but the notes are very clear. If you like really clear lead tone with lots of sustain, this amp is for you.

    The tremolo on this amp is really cool. The stock tremolo SUCKED compared to the tremolo that Bill built. It's one of the nicest tremolos that you will ever hear on an amp, period. It's so addicting it's hard to turn it off.

    Bill added a bigger transformer and that made a huge difference to this build. The amp is very open now and not so constricted like I heard in the stock Bandmaster.

    He also added an effects loop and a psuedo master volume on the back. If nothing is in the loop and the master is all the way up, no tone is compromised. They are extra features that are really nice to have but, if you like a stock UP, just crank the master and don't put anything in the loop and you are there.

    Finally, I loaded this with NOS Power and Pre Amp tubes. They just made the overall sound bigger and punchier.

    This is a very, very nice, high end amp. If you love that Fender tone, then this amp will make you drool. In the end, I'm a Marshall guy and love more gain. My ear and playing style just gravitates towards Marshall's. I've heard a country player and a really good jazz player play this amp. It sounded so cool. It fits those styles and really shines as a big, fat, clear blues amp. I'm more of a rocker and it's just not an amp for my style of playing.
    There are sound clips of this amp on Youtube.
    $2,250 shipped and paypal to the lower 48[IMG][IMG][IMG][IMG][/IMG][/IMG][/IMG][/IMG]

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    Re: Dumble Ultra Phonix Style Amp By Sebago Amps

    I'm convinced a lot of what I love is in the big transformer. My favorite amp to play is a brown Super with a huge tranny, as is my BF Dual Showman and both sound great.

    Thanks for sharing. I would love to hear clips! What was the wait time?

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