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Thread: New (to me) used Martin in the house.

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    New (to me) used Martin in the house.

    Executive Summary: Blingy used Martin purchased. See picture below.

    Mind Numbing Detail: My best buddy came down from The Great White North over the weekend. We hit the NAMM show Thursday (his first, my second) and then every music store in the area on Friday, and the 4 Amigos Vintage show Saturday.

    Sunday's plan was to stop at the 4 Amigos show to pick up a couple small items (DVDs, an old Marshall logo repro, etc...) then go to Laguna Beach to catch a GREAT band that has a house gig there on Sundays.

    We walked around to see if there was anything we hadn't noticed the day before. That's when I spotted the OM-45 Deluxe RI. Now, that has been my ultimate acoustic ever since I knew what an OM-45 Deluxe was. This guitar was on consignment. The shop owner told me that a restaurant owner in San Fransico likes to buy a lot of high end Martins. This one looked like it had never been played. No pick scratches on the guard, no swirl on the back from a shirt, nothing. And it was offered at a fair discount from the original MSRP. It was right at the point where I could barely afford it and I had to take two laps around the show to clear my head and cool off to try to make a logical decision. Well, obviously, I pulled the trigger.

    I'm glad I did. Martin built 84 Indian Rosewood RI's and 14 Brazilian RI's in 2006. Mine is 84/84 of the Indian ones.

    I couldn't be happier. It sounds better than my mid 70s M-38. Nicer size too. The action is standard factory high. Bluegrass approved. I need to get that lowered. I'm a fingerpicker not a bluegrass flatpicker.

    So, here she is:

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    Re: New (to me) used Martin in the house.

    That is a beautiful 45.

    Remember, every new guitar comes with a new song.
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